Tuning a piano is a critical piece of any piano upkeep and in Chicago piano tuning ought to be done somewhat one time every year if not twofold per year to concur with the environment and dampness. with the climate and stickiness.

Tuning a piano is a significant piece of any piano upkeep. It’s like getting the oil changed in your vehicle. Besides, rather than each 3,000 miles, you need a piano tuning in Chicago one time per year or possibly twice. 

How frequently should your piano be tuned in Chicago? 

I have been tuning pianos in Chicago for as far back as 10 years and can safely say having a piano in Chicago implies you need to tune it to some extent one time each year. The piano doesn’t leave tune quicker on the off chance that you play them to an extreme or excessively hard. That is a fantasy‚Ķ Outrageous climate and fluctuating dampness is the thing that will make your piano leave a tune and Chicago has a lot of those. That is the reason your piano should be tuned one time per year and in an ideal world two times per year to correspond with the fluctuating conditions we have in Chicago. 

What’s the best temperature and mugginess for piano in Chicago? 

The straightforward response to this is around 65-70 degrees and between 40-45% mugginess. This may demonstrate inconceivable for a ton of people groups homes during Chicago’s dry and cold winters and blistering and muggy summers yet the nearer you can result in these present circumstances the better. Presently, remember at the hour of composing this blog it’s 72 degrees in my home and 61% moist so I sympathize with your aggravation. Simply give a valiant effort and your piano should remain in order somewhat more.